MakerBot 3D Scanner


The MakerBot 3D Scanner Mounting Kit v1.0 is a three-dimensional scanner mount made fit for a pico projector, a webcam, and an optional iphone/ipod. Using a method called Structured Light 3D scanning, these common and available components that fit into the MakerBot 3D Scanner are able to capture 3D images at an affordable price.

I have included within this wiki as many instructions as possible to allow you to get the best possible scans from start to finish. With a 3D printer, your scans can then come to life!


See some things that I have scanned:


View example scans here.


View some Frequently Asked Questions here.

MakerBot 3D Scanner Assembly:


View assembly instructions here.


View dimensions and other details here.

What you will need:

You will need a projector, a webcam, and an optional iphone/ipod to take your 3D scans. See below for more specifications on the devices needed:


View all you need to take 3D scans here.

Computer Software:

You need to download one ThreePhase decoder application, along with two external libraries PeasyCam & ControlP5. Each of these are completely free, and easily downloaded from sites shown in the link below.

View what needs to be downloaded here.

Pattern images to be displayed from the Projector:

Using either your iphone, ipod, SD card, USB flash drive, or other device; you will somehow need to display striped images from your projector onto the image being scanned.

View how to Display striped images with your projector here.


MakerBot 3D Scanner Usage:

Now that you have your MakerBot 3D Scanner assembled, you have all of your software downloaded, and you have the pattern-striped images on your device, you are ready to replace the images within ThreePhase with your very own creations.


View how to take 3D scans with the MakerBot 3D Scanner.

From Point Cloud to Printable Object:

If you have a makerbot, this is where it gets very exciting.


View how to go from point cloud to printable object, as well as blender tips here.

(Optional) Tripod:

Depending on the objects you will be scanning, it may be desireable to purchase a tripod:
Click here to see some tripod options

About Structured Light 3D scanning:

(also included is a NEW interview with the creator of ThreePhase!)
Click here to view more about structured light 3D scanning

About "Real-Time" 3D Scanning:

view more about Real-Time scanning here.

More tips, info, and other FAQ's:

For more information regarding Structured Light 3D Scanning, as well as to see what has worked well for other people, visit the following google group:

You may email me at moc.tobrekam|rolyat#moc.tobrekam|rolyat for any questions, comments, suggestions regarding the MakerBot 3D Scanner and/or 3D scanning

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