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The Automated Build Platform v1.0 is a totally new way of printing your 3D objects. For the first time ever multiple objects can be printed in succession without the need for human intervention.

Before now after each build you had to manually remove your object from the build surface and prepare your bot for the next build. This is true for all other 3D printers on the planet. MakerBot is the first company to bring to you a truly automated 3D printing experience.

The build surface is essentially a conveyor belt upon which each object is printed. Once an object is complete the belt turns over and and the machine begins the next print. It's that simple! There's even a brush to clean your nozzle between objects.


The images below show objects printed using the Automated Build Platform.

Get One!

Many research and development hours have gone into bringing you the very best in automated printing. When you purchase an ABP from the MakerBot Store you support research and development on future projects.

A Filament Spindle makes the perfect companion for no fuss printing.


The Automated Build Platform contains certain parts that could be dangerous if used in an improper manner. The build platform can become very hot. (>140 celsius) There is also a powerful motor and exposed gears that can pinch fingers. Make sure you always run the ABP fully assembled and that you never touch the hot build surface and always keep your hands clear of the gears. Always keep the ABP away from flammable objects and never leave it hot unless you are actively printing. While the ABP is designed for printing without human intervention, it is not designed for printing without human supervision. Keep a watchful eye on your MakerBot and never let it run unsupervised.


Building the Automated Build Platform takes about <time> from start to finish. It's a pretty straight-forward process where you bolt together parts, use tape, and other fairly simple tasks.

Assembly instructions



Your Automated Build Platform is an awesome force of automated 3D printing awesomeness! Treat it properly and it will be awesome for a long time and by "properly" we mean follow these rules:

  1. Safety first.
  2. Always keep a watchful eye over your MakerBot.
  3. Always turn off your machine when you are done printing.

Really, be safe. Now that printing is even more automated you will be tempted to run your MakerBot while there is nobody to watch it. Please do not do this.

Usage instructions

Usage Ideas

Out of all the great things on Thingiverse here are a few that really show off the Automated Build Platform's capabilities:

Source Code


The design of the Automated Build Platform is 100% open source. What this means is that we've released all the CAD files used for parts and the documentation under free licenses. The majority of the files are DXF files created by QCad. There are a few different ways you can access the files:

  • Thingiverse - download the source, talk about it, etc.
  • Google Code - download the release. (coming soon…)
  • Subversion - direct link to the ABPv1 release tag.
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