Using Motherboard v2.4 with Arduino

The Makerbot Motherboard v2.4 (MB2) with the Makerbot Interface Board (MIB) are a wonderful set of boards. They can be used quite well with regular Arduino projects in addition to the Makerbot.

In order to do this, the Arduino pin number definitions are needed and a set of libraries to handle the various components is useful.

This code is now on github and includes a complete library with example code to run the entire system.

Makerbot library for Arduino on github

If you prefer not to use github and just want to download a zip file

Click here for zip file (note, the zip file may be a bit behind the github version)

To use this library download it and put it in the libraries folder inside your sketches folder. You will be able to use it like any other Arduino library.

The demo allows full control of the XYZ steppers with an easy to use menu on the interface board. The library was developed while building a pick and place machine. It does not actually do anything, that is up to use to write your own CNC or 3-D printer etc.


  1. Interrupt driven stepper motor drivers
  2. Full support for the X, Y, and Z end stops inside the interrupt handler
  3. Supports all 5 stepper motors
  4. Easy to use menu system for utilizing the Display board LCD and buttons
  5. Direct motion and linear motion routines available. Linear means draw a straight line, Direct means axises are independent (linear only in X, Y)
  6. Most text strings coded into program memory to save RAM

Since the makerbot motherboard only works with an Arduino mega 1280 or 2560, that restriction also applies to this library. It currently does not work on the chipkit Max32 board (Arduino compatible pic32) but I am working on support for it.

If you find this useful or have questions, please drop me a note at moc.toirahcyks|luorpsm#moc.toirahcyks|luorpsm

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