Blender Tips

I will post more information hers so that you can get your 3D model as clean as possible, and ready for print on your makerbot.

Some Common mesh programs are Blender and Meshlab

For now, the following two links should help you go from point cloud to mesh to printable 3D object:

1. Instructables Meshlab tutorial:

-under Table of Contents; "Viewing and Cleaning Scan Data," "Meshing," and Ă‹diting your mesh" should all help

Or you can simply google "Blender mesh tutorials"

Blender and Meshlab are tricky at first; however, there are only a few tools that you will need to learn in order to get your meshes clean and printable.

Smooth, delete vertices, and extrude region are usually the only tools i use to edit my meshes.

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