Bluetooth Communication

Tired of using a serial to usb cable? Wish you could just hit print on your computer? Well with a "Bluetooth to Serial" converter, you can simply plug this in where you would normally plug in the cable, then pair the bluetooth module and then you're all set. This device will be recognized as a Serial COM port.


The following is a board which is needed to realign the pins to the same order the CupcakeCNC is. This can also be hacked using a Perforated board. I have not tested this just yet because i haven't received my Cupcake CNC, but will upload progress as its made. According to the data sheets and online documentation this should work.

Pin Cupcake Bluetooth
2 Rx VCC
3 Tx GND
4 VCC Tx
5 CTS Rx

Alternative method

Easier and tested pin header method can be found from this blog entry

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