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  • Feedback mechanisms should be added.
    • Encoders on axes to close loop
    • Encoders on extruder, maybe stepper too?
      • Encoder on filament or pinch wheel, rather than on extruder itself
    • Heatsinks on anything that can get hot/warm that should be kept cool.
    • Thermocouple (the extra $30 is worth not having to deal with temperature tolerance issues)
  • Decouple HBP control from the extruder(s).
  • Single-board electronics with support for 4 steppers
  • Add option to decouple logic power completely from motor+heater power.
    • Logic can then be USB-powered (aka, a well-documented +5VDC standard)
    • Rest can be powered from wall or large batteries (lead-acid or power-tool packs).
    • Noise coupling between the two should be greatly reduced.
    • Eliminate dependency on high-power computer PSUs going forward.


  • Faster slicing and dicing of STL files (possibly a C-based slicer?) (see idea torrent proposal)
  • Stepper driven extruder support
  • Automatic zeroing of axes before print
  • Beginner mode in replicatorg/skeinforge (drop down menus for specific hardware setups to get basic printing out of the box)
  • RepG API/SDK (think: "oozebane calibration program")
  • when a new version of RepG is released a new wiki page/ blog entry is created to show how you get your makerbot running and calibrated using it
  • hollow parts with extra shells and internal 45 degree supports where needed (see ITP)
  • Skeinforge profiles for different colors. Different colors have different chemical and thermal properties.
  • Save skeinforge profiles for different plastruders (.35mm nozzle vs you .5mm nozzle plastruder)
  • Drop-down box choice for layer height profiles.
  • Support folder navigation in SD cards so we can do some organization of the s3g files. Support for longer filenames would be nice, but less of a priority than folders I think.
  • Automatic logging of prints - record STL filename, preset used, time to print, cc of material used, etc. (optionally, copy and save the entire preset used into a log file folder - the presets are not so big)
  • Better system for managing permutations of skeinforge presets, ie. identify a key variable to change then systematically manage various settings
  • Feedback of Z stage position while printing - allows for changing the filament at regular intervals, for a nice "striped" effect
  • Use the name of the machine you connect to to remember which driver and skeinforge profile to use.


  • Axis z-roids (or heavier duty than the standard ones) (see idea torrent proposal)
  • "Mega" Makerbot (i.e. larger build area)
    • isn't this called a mendel or mini-mendel?
  • Multi-extruder support (possibly mix-n-match between normal extruders and frostruder?).
  • Replace rod/bushing with linear bearings (or Mendel style rod/bearing)
  • Conveyor belt kit
  • Stepper extruder kit
  • Different nozzle sizes
  • Hybrid Plastruder+Frostruder for heated extrusion materials like wax and chocolate.
  • single extruder with 4 filament input (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to print any color at any time during the print
  • Larger Heated Build Platform
  • Replace z rods with stainless steel rods.
  • Countersunk screws on the build platform, to increase buildable area (See ITP)
  • More secure platform attachment system than the magnets - mine wobbles a bit, and causes problems with very tall prints


  • Shock/vibration absorbers between moving parts and the case (See ITP)
  • Build area encapsulation? (to reduce effects of drafts, more even object heating, probably gain some power efficiency by not heating the room so directly) (See ITP)
  • Insulate parts that are supposed to get hot (eg extruder hot end) for safety and efficiency.
  • Allow better access to power supply and X stepper/belt (and ideally Y stepper/belt) without significant dis-assembly.
  • Use more washers. Washers are sometimes good.
  • Move all steppers, electronics, PSU up or to the side, out of the drop-zone.

General Ideas

  • Better/clearer upgrade paths, more Things by MBI.. Mendel-style X & Y stages, wobble arrestors, etc
  • Support material
  • Periodic review of wiki instructions - occasional reports of bits that are "just plain wrong"
  • Skeinforge calibration guide (similar to what's written for the Frostruder)
    • All calibration steps need to be derivable from printed test parts, physical measurements performed on those test parts and intermediate calculations performed upon those measurements.
    • Create an illustrated guide describing how settings affect printed parts.
  • Sometimes cheap is the enemy of good. Some materials/parts could benefit from a slightly more robust/expensive versions (bearings, rods, etc.)
  • In the store, sell large 4 inch Kapton tape found on ebay.

Blog Posts

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