Calibration Thingomatic

This is a page for doing tests to calibrate your Thing-O-Matic.

100 mm in X seconds. Width of extrusion is .58mm

Name, ABS type, time from extruder placed 100mm above build platform to touch platform, mm/sec. Thickness (mm)

Argyle Black MakerBot ABS - 4.5 seconds. 1/4.5 = x/100 = 22.22mm/second.

Height of test object number 1 with stock pax settings is 10.53 not including the raft or interface.

CAT Blue Makerbot ABS - 5.4 seconds. 1/5.4 * 100 = 18.52mm/second. 0.59mm thickness

Nick's Makerbot Green ABS - 4.8 seconds 1/4.8 * 100 = 20.8mm/sec 0.59mm

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