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NEW! Youtube video that shows you all that you need to download and where to move libraries in order to start taking 3D scans

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A. Download

1. ThreePhase

-Kyle McDonald created an awesome ThreePhase Decoder that is free to download from
—download “ThreePhase-2-Source.Zip” it is the latest threephase application. (The more recent links are for Real-Time scanning; which is explained at the bottom)

2. PeasyCam

-go to the download section and download the .zip file

"PeasyCam provides a dead-simple mouse-driven camera for Processing." PeasyCam provides you with a window on your computer that lets you view your 3D point cloud from any angle and size.


3. ControlP5

-download the .zip file

ControlP5 lets you modify and adjust features of your scanned point cloud. It allows you to skew dimensions if needed, add more or less points to your point cloud, filter the "noise," or change the depth online computer support of the figure.


4. Processing


Processing is the environment TheePhase decoder runs on:

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B. Move Libraries

NOTE: There are a bunch of files in each of the above downloaded folders; TRY to keep all of the unzipped files organized and each within their respective folders. (I scrambled them all together by mistake the first time)

1. Within the downloaded folder ThreePhase, open ThreePhase.pde. Then click on “Processing” – “Preferences” (on a mac, this is all the way in the top left corner of the computer)

2. The Sketchbook Location will tell you exactly where you need to move your downloaded external libraries.

-MAC Example: mine says “/Users/tayorgoodman/Documents/Processing” and therefore, I go into finder, to documents, then click on processing. You should now see an empty libraries folder. Move both unzipped PeasyCam and ControlP5 into the libraries. (if there is no libraries folder, add one within the Processing folder)

-PC Example: mine says “C:\DocumentsandSettings\Owner\MyDocuments\Processing” therefore, go to my documents, and find the Processing folder. Within the processing folder, IF there is no libraries folder, simply add a new folder titled “libraries”. Then simply move both unzipped PeasyCam and ControlP5 folders into libraries.

3. Finally, once again open up ThreePhase.pde (you must close and then reopen ThreePhase at this point), and when you click on the play button on the top left corner you should get a 3D scanned image! (note it is an example).
Mac users – note that two processing files may open; ignore the one named sketch.
- [See below for PeasyCam Controls to see how to correctly view the 3D image]

Congratulations! Now you are ready to put your own images into Processing and receive your own 3D scanned object.

You may notice that there is a folder within ThreePhase titled “img” with three striped [2D] pictures of a boy. These three pictures were the only images used in ThreePhase.pde to get the three-dimensional scan of the boy!

PeasyCam Controls

(these are also included in the MakerBot 3D Scanner Usage page)

-A mouse left-drag will rotate the camera around the subject
-a right drag will zoom in and out
-and a middle-drag (command-left-drag on mac) will pan.
-A double-click restores the camera to its original position.
-The shift key constrains rotation and panning to one axis or the other.

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