Build Instructions

Please note that these are not the instructions for the latest version of the kit. If you're using a machine shipped in February 2010 or later, you will want to read the Batch 10 build instructions!

Ordinarily, it will take a couple of people a weekend or so to put a Cupcake CNC together. Here's how!

Prep Work

  1. Cupcake Parts List
  2. Before you begin
  3. About bolts and nuts
  4. About timing belts
  5. Some mistakes to avoid

Build It

  1. Cupcake Electronics Assembly
  2. Cupcake Pulley Assembly
  3. Cupcake Body Assembly
  4. Cupcake Y Stage Assembly
  5. Cupcake X Stage Assembly

Finish It Up

  1. Cupcake XY Stage Installation
  2. Cupcake Z Stage Assembly
  3. Cupcake Endstop Installation
  4. Plastruder MK4 Build Instructions
  5. Cupcake Board and Cable Installation
  6. Cupcake Calibration

Updating Your Firmware

  1. Cupcake Motherboard Firmware Update
  2. Plastruder Firmware Update


MakerBot Hotness


  1. When things go wrong!
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