Cupcake Electronics Assembly

This page is part of the Cupcake CNC build sequence.


The Cupcake CNC uses, with some very minor modifications, the RepRap Generation 3 electronics kit.

Kits from Batch 5 onwards come with the electronics "Mostly Assembled". The only parts you have to build are the endstops.

From batch 11 onward, the endstops were deemed "more trouble than they are worth" and have been taken out of the kit.

Build the endstops

Before you start, note that there are two different connectors that you can attach to each endstop— a three-pin pin header, and an RJ45 "ethernet-style" connector. For Cupcake CNC, you'll need to solder together:

  • Four (4) endstops using the RJ45 connectors, for the X axis and Z axis
  • Two (2) endstops using the 3-pin connectors, for the Y axis

You'll need the 3-pin connectors because space on the X axis carriage, where the Y axis endstops are mounted, is tight and the RJ45 connectors are fairly large.


When you install the 3-pin connectors, be sure to install them on the bottom of the board. Be sure to check that you're installing the headers as shown in this picture!

One note about the endstop boards: the optical switches and the boards both have two holes in them. When you put the switches on the boards, try to get the holes to line up as well as possible.

That said, it's time to get building! Follow this link to instructions for assembling your optical endstops. Just remember— four RJ45 endstops, and two 3-pin header endstops!

Next step: Cupcake Pulley Assembly

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