Cupcake Pulley Assembly

This page is part of the Cupcake CNC build sequence.


Cupcake uses four idler pulleys: one small pulley built around a 606 bearing (for the Y stage), and three larger pulleys built around standard 608 bearings (one for the X stage and two for the Z stage).

If you have a recent Cupcake CNC, the pulleys will be made of a single printed piece of ABS each. If you have an older model, you'll need to assemble your pulley from the wooden parts provided — check out the Cupcake Wooden Pulley Assembly page. Otherwise, read on.

Note: From batch 10 onwards, the printed pulleys are not included in the kit, but have been replaced with manufactured parts. If you don't like them… print your own!

Printed Pulleys

Parts list:

  • 3 large printed pulley parts
  • 1 small printed pulley part
  • 3 608 bearings
  • 1 606 bearing *625 bearing for batches 5+


Just snap the appropriate bearing into each pulley. You don't need to add glue; they should fit fairly snugly.


Sometimes printed pulleys may have a bit of excess plastic protruding into the void that is supposed to hold the skate bearing, preventing it from snapping into place. In this case, just use an x-acto knife or something sharp to carefully scrape off the plastic and make a nice smooth finish.

The fit with some of the 625 pulleys is quite snug. I've found the best way to pop the bearing in without damaging it is to use an M5 nut and bolt (as shown in the picture) and push down with the bolt. (Carefully tapping it in with a hammer also helps.)

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