Before You Begin

This page is part of the Cupcake CNC build sequence.

Cupcake CNC notation

The diagram below describes what we mean when we refer to, for example, the "left" or "bottom" of the machine:


The Cupcake CNC moves pieces and tools along three axis: the X axis, the Y axis, and the Z axis. The X axis is the one that runs from left to right; the Y axis is the one that runs towards and away from you. (Think of these as being like the X and Y axis of a graph, seen from above.) The Z axis goes up and down.

Spend a moment to study this illustration carefully— it seems simple, but it will save you a lot of time and frustration later!

Tools you'll need

There are some common tools and supplies that are required to build the Cupcake CNC but don't ship with the deluxe kit:

  1. Soldering iron
    • You'll need to make four easy solder connections to hook up the Plastruder Mk4
  2. Electronics solder
  3. Pliers, preferably needle-nosed
    • These will help you tighten down nuts
  4. Hot glue gun
    • A dab of hot glue will help keep the bearings from coming loose
  5. Super glue, or white glue
    • A bit of glue can be used to make sure the magnets don't come loose from their press-fit bearings

You may also want these additional items, which are suggested in the Z Stage Assembly instructions:

  1. Loctite thread locking compound
  2. Bikechain lubricant or some other such compound

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