Board Positions

So much stuff!

The Cupcake Ultimate has several upgrades that didn't exist when we originally designed the Cupcake. Because of this, you need to do a bit of jockeying to get all of your boards nicely mounted on the machine. Here's a quick guide to a recommended setup.


This image is of a bot in the wild, from Lucas & Kent Weakley of Blue Sky Graphic Communciation.

So what do we see here? The extruder board is mounted above the motherboard. The motherboard has been left un-flipped for maximum wiring neatness — note that it will be hard to get that SD card out in that position. Our stepper motors are in their original positions, but the top one has the relay board mounted on top of it using the relay board mount kit.

Of course, this is only one way to get it done — some folks mount their boards in other places. Feel tree to try other setups if you like. The only place we don't recommend is mounted to the top of the machine, because all the heat from the build platform and extruder might just fry your board.

Pro tip: The wire organization is amazing on this bot, but that SD card is going to be tough to get to. It might be easier if the user added extra spacers to the motherboard, to raise it above the extruder controller, or if they just left the bottom-left spacer & screw off the extruder controller. Other than that, though…it's hard to find fault with this setup.

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