Cupcake Z Stage Installation

This page is part of the CupCake CNC build sequence.


Installing the Z stage should take less than ten minutes.

Parts List

You'll just need the Z stage you assembled earlier.


  • Rotate the four free nuts on the Z rods until they are about two-thirds of the way towards the bottom of the rods.
  • Tilt the Z stage at a 45 degree angle and insert it into the bot, with the U-shaped opening facing the front of the bot.
  • Move the Z stage so that two rods slide into the Z guides on the lower side of the stage.
  • Lower the other side of the stage so that the rods on the other end also enter the Z guides.
  • Now rotate the nuts so that the stage rises above the build platform. Level the platform by raising the nuts to the same height. The nuts should sit inside the hexagonal slot in the Z platform, so that the Z guide rests on top of the nut directly. It's important to get all four nuts to the same height, so play around a bit to make sure the Z platform is completely level. Turn the Z belt by hand a bit to make sure the platform smoothly rises and falls.
Your Cupcake CNC is mechanically complete! Now you'll just need to hook up the electronics and install a Plastruder or other toolhead to get started!

Next step: Cupcake Electronics Installation

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