Ultimate Build Instructions

We strongly recommend that you step through these instructions one at a time. Build your Plastruder MK5 and print on the acrylic build platform before building your Automated Build Platform or Heated Build Platform. Your understanding of how the interconnected elements of your bot function will increase and your build will proceed more smoothly.

Ordinarily, it will take a couple of people a weekend or so to put a Cupcake CNC together. Here's how!
Before you begin you might want to check out this collection of videos tutorial detailing every step of the build process (deluxe kit). Please note these videos are done with a PRE BATCH 10 deluxe kit. The optical end stops are no longer included. There may also be some other differences.

Prep Work

  1. Ultimate Parts List
  2. Before you begin
  3. About bolts and nuts
  4. About timing belts
  5. Some mistakes to avoid

Build It

  1. Cupcake Y Stage Assembly
  2. Cupcake X Stage Assembly
  3. Cupcake Body Assembly
  4. Cupcake Z Stage Assembly
  5. Cupcake XY Stage Installation
  6. Cupcake Z Stage Installation

Finish It Up

  1. Board Positions
  2. Relay Board Kit
  3. Relay Board Mount Kit
  4. Plastruder MK5 Build Instructions
  5. Plastruder MK5 Electronics Setup
  6. Cupcake Electronics Installation
  7. Cupcake Calibration
  8. Optional step: Cupcake Endstop Installation

Updating Your Firmware

  1. Cupcake Motherboard Firmware Update
  2. Plastruder Firmware Update

Maker your First Prints

Now is the time to make a few test prints using the supplied acrylic build platform. I know you're all dying to get on to using the ABP, but doing this will ensure that your machine's positioning system and plastruder are all functioning properly before adding in the power draw of the ABP.

  1. A quick guide to printing

Automated Build Platform

And now, finally…

  1. Automated Build Platform Assembly
  2. Using the Automated Build Platform


  1. When things go wrong!
  2. Think you are missing parts?
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