Cupcake V0 X Y Stage

v0 to v1 enhancements

Rotate steppers DONE

We're going to rotate the steppers and belts on the X and Y stages. The new steppers are not as tall as they are wide, so this will give us additional Z space. The steppers will both now face upwards, and the belts will travel horizontally.

Balance Y stage DONE

Center the Y stage servo to reduce torque on the bearings. We've got it closer to the center,
but pushed it off to one side to handle belt bearing issues.

Try thinner press-fit bearings DONE

They supposedly have better tolerance
We're using them now, and they're good.

Belt measurements

X Stage

raw idler radius: 10.25mm + pitch diameter offset of ~.7mm = 10.95mm

  • r1 = 10.95

pulley pitch radius: 5.4mm

  • r0 = 5.4
  • theta = 3.05258 rad.
  • l = 174.9
  • total = 2*l + r1*(2*math.pi-theta) + r0*theta = 401.66
  • 2mm pitch, rounding up and adding one tooth to deal with clamp:
  • 202 tooth belt

Y Stage

QCad measurements: 530mm, or 265 teeth.

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