A page to document your experience of customs and importing your MakerBot. Every country is different, so sharing your experience will help others! Note that these details are maintained by users, so your experience may vary (particularly as details change from year to year). Before placing your order, please become familiar with the customs details for your destination country.


I paid 176 EUR Tax on a Deluxe Kit. I was expecting that, this is roughly the 19% VAT. The interesting thing is that they charge you tax on packing and postage.
(Should be VAT and EUSt)


They charged 118 EUR T.V.A. + 10 EUR other Taxes + 12 EUR Handling fee of the Post. In Total i paid 140€ for the CupcakeCNC Standard Kit.


For every shipment less then 3,000 NTD including postage(less than 100 USD, ), it will be tax free. Otherwise, a 10% custom (depending on the category the good is in, but my bot was charged 10%)will be charged. And another 5% sales tax will be charged based on the value after custom. For example:

A 1000 USD good + 28 USD postage will be charged 102.8 USD for custom, and 5%x (1000+28+102.8)= 56.54 USD


No duties charged on the deluxe (cupcake) kit, but customs did hold on to it for about 2 days.
Thing-O-Matic, Import taxes are around $190 AU. If you do import one to Australia, here's a link on how to fill out all the forms you'll need to do.
It took about 2 weeks from landing in Australia to get to me.

New Zealand

Charged NZD$198 on a deluxe kit. Took about a week to get through the whole customs process.


Customs hold it for a week. The box wasen't open. They charge 40$ for the Canadian taxe (TPS) but didn't charge the Quebec taxe (TVQ). Total process from payment (Makerbot) to reception : 3 weeks. One customer in Ontario was charged $194 for a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic plus several pounds of plastic in January of 2011, which suggests that customs duties have increased for these items.


ParcelForce will hold it at your local depot, you will be charged VAT plus at least £8 (Handling fee). It will show on the tracking webpage as being held, ParcelForce will send you a letter asking for payment. If you have the tracking number you can contact your local depot and pay as soon as they have it.


Here in Denmark, you have to pay 25% of the item cost in import VAT (aka importmoms in danish) plus an extra import fee. The package was only held in customs for 1 or 2 days, but the VAT and extra fees added up to 1400DKK, which is around 250USD for a basic kit and 5lbs. of white ABS.

The Netherlands

One Makerbot Cupcake CNC Deluxe batch #11 sent on March 18 2010 was received April 1. Total cost to be payed at delivery was 160,32 Euro of which 12,50 Inklaringskosten and 147,82 B.T.W. It was held for customs from the 23rd until the 30th. The value they took as the douanewaarde was more then the amount I payed. 778 v.s. 758.06.


One CupCake Deluxe Kit, shipped June 18, arrived July 5. Customs fees $150.


We have heard some pretty severe stories from users importing to Brazil. If you are not accustomed to importing to Brazil, you may wish to do plenty of research before sending a Bot. We DO NOT recommend using USPS to Brazil, because of shipping delays, and postal or customs hold-ups. UPS appears to have a better track record for shipping to Brazil, though it does cost more. We recommend using UPS, or an independent freight forwarder.


You pay your 25% moms (VAT), no customs tax on electronics.

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