Installing Firmware for the Extruder Controller v3.6 with ReplicatorG

Prepare the Extruder Board

Disconnect your MakerBot Motherboard from your computer's USB port. Now, attach the Extruder Controller v3.6 to your computer with the USB cable. You're ready to go!


Installing the firmware

Start ReplicatorG. and Select "Machines > Update Firmware…" from the menu.


Select the board and version you're updating.


Select the version of the firmware you'd like to upload.

This should ordinarily be the one with the highest number, which is the latest version.


Select the serial port that represents your Extruder Controller.

Your Extruder Controller will appear as a serial port on your computer. Usually this will be the last one listed. The names will vary from platform to platform.


Click on the upload button.

You should not have to manually press the reset button on the Extruder Controller.

Be patient; it may take a minute or two to upload the firmware. When you're done, you should see a message indicating success.

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