Extrusion Stops (But Build Surface Keeps Moving)

When it stops extruding, one of a few things could be happening.

1. Heat settings or nichrome not adjusted right. Did you measure the Ohms of your nichrome? If it's too long it won't heat the plastic up fast enough to continue printing, it will heat it up slowly so you'll get a bit of extrusion and then won't be able to keep up with it. You may also need to increase your temperatures in the raft settings. Make sure you're heating it up for a good 5-10 minutes before do your first print of the day. Also try running the extruder and running plastic through it for 10-15 minutes to get everything warmed up and happy.

2. Gear and Idler wheel adjustment. At this point you'll need to floss the teeth and clean the gears in the extruder since it will have worn a groove in the plastic. That could also be the problem you're facing. If the plastic doesn't get a good enough grip, then it won't extrude reliably. Did you use the measuring stick to set your idler wheel?

3. Height of extrusion. It looks like your levels are just a bit too low and the build surface may be blocking the nozzle. Print with a raft and lift up your nozzle just a small bit. I always adjust it a bit when I get started. Getting this right takes practice.

4. Wrong version of Skeinforge. If your bot goes through the motions but nothing is extruded, check GCode > Choose GCode Generator and try a different version of Skeinforge. Start with Standard. Click the Model tab then click the Generate GCode button at the bottom right. If that doesn't work, move down the list to Skeinforge(40), Skeinforge(35) and so on. Each time you try a new skeinforge, go back to the model and regenerate the GCode each time – otherwise, you'll just be using the same old code.

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