Q: I just plug this in and it just works and I scan everything in the art museum, right?

A: Wrong! This is an experimental project and while we have done everything we can to make this as easy as possible, it is still not a trivial project. Be brave and be prepared to battle dragons as you go forward. The good thing is that you aren't going to be doing it alone!

Q: Can I just use my own projector and a webcam that I already have?

A: Yes, but we wanted to make it tidy, cute and develop a group of people who all have the same or similar material so that experimentation and collective research could happen.

The advantage of using the MakerBot 3D Scanner is that it is compact, able to mount onto any standard tripod, and keeps the projector and webcam in correct orientation between each other. This allows you to take scans of more objects in more places without the trouble of setting up every time.

Q: What do I need to buy?

A: This kit just comes with the lasercut parts and hardware to put them together. You still need a webcam, pico projector, and possibly an ipod/iphone (optional, see the projector section below). In theory, you could do this all with just duck tape, but it wouldn't look as cute.


A: Depending on the projector you get, you MAY need an iphone, ipod or itouch. See below..

Q: Should I get the pico projector 101 or the pico projector jr?

The MakerBot 3D Scanner was originally designed for the pico 101; however, is now compatible with the pico jr as well

There are two downsides to using the jr:
1. pico jr. seems to overheat very easily and will temporarily stop working. This is not a fatal problem, but may be bothersome. (seems like after 10 minutes it overheats)
2. One of the controls on the jr. is on the top of the projector. This means that when you start your scans you may have to initially remove the webcam if it is in the lower slot case.

There are also two upsides to the jr:
1. It is one of the cheapest projectors available
2. It is able to read from an SD card as well as a USB flash drive. This eliminates the need for an iphone/ipod

- I suggest that if you have an iphone or ipod with photo capability (should be all except the original ipods), then purchase the pico 101 because it is more reliable projector; else purchase the pico jr.

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