Firmware Preferences

After you have updated your firmware, it is probably a good idea to check through the machine's onboard preferences in the machine menu. New settings are periodically added in new revisions.

The current settings (as of ReplicatorG 0016, motherboard v2.1, plastruder v2.3) are:

  • check the polarity of the axes, see cupcake-calibration
  • pick the correct parameters for your thermistor, see Adjusting The Thermistor Settings
  • Tune the reversal parameters; this might interact with oozebane in skeinforge.
  • The firmware inherits the PID settings from the previous version. The recommended settings below work better. If your temperature is unstable, changing the PID parameters may help.

Check one of these pages for default settings. For settings not listed above, a few defaults are:

Reversal parameters

pause reverse advance min rev time
default v2.3 5 400 44 44

PID parameters

default pre v2.3 5.0 0.1 5.0
recommended 7.0 0.35 36.0
Bre's mk5 5.1367 0.055 108.0

According to Wikipedia having an incorrect I value can prevent the object from reaching the set temperature. While testing a nozzle and heater barrel arrangement of higher thermal mass (with a low surface area) than a standard nozzle the following settings work well, but are not necessarily ideal: P,I,D=8,35,15 respectively. When using these settings on a lower thermal mass (possibly with a high surface area) you should observe a periodic fluctuation in temperature centered on the set temperature.

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