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I have a Makerbot Thing o Matic 3D printer with an extruder motor MK6 Stepstruder and I would like to try to build parts with the RED ABS 1,786 mm so I would like to know if someone has already used this filament and with which temperature for the extruder and plateform ? Thanks in advance !!
by: Anais25Anais25
07 Sep 2012 09:11
5 by Anais25Anais25
10 Sep 2012 11:59 Jump!
by: juliohcdjuliohcd
06 Sep 2012 22:31
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by: rajendran1rajendran1
06 Sep 2012 19:46
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by: rajendran1rajendran1
06 Sep 2012 18:54
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by: rajendran1rajendran1
06 Sep 2012 14:37
Heart rate monitors are more commonly used by athletes but it can also be used by everyday women just to be one step ahead of their game.
by: rajendran1rajendran1
05 Sep 2012 20:05
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by: rajendran1rajendran1
05 Sep 2012 15:53
by: ThaedThaed
30 Aug 2012 23:49
7 by ThaedThaed
06 Sep 2012 12:59 Jump!
by: socklessockles
29 Aug 2012 18:28
2 by BluemetalBluemetal
31 Aug 2012 14:41 Jump!
Skeinforge is 'greeking' text, eliminating most detail before the Makerbot even gets a crack at it.
by: Joel Craig EwyJoel Craig Ewy
29 Aug 2012 14:52
6 by YanisinYanisin
31 Aug 2012 09:33 Jump!
any who uses the 3 mm Makerbot filament, what is your experience?
by: time269time269
25 Aug 2012 16:51
2 by JetguyJetguy
26 Aug 2012 00:08 Jump!
How do I adjust my build plate for a glass build surface mounted on top... And make it permanent? No matter what I've tried, the aluminum build plate refuses to lower the 1/8" required to allow the glass plate to rest on top.
by: Bruce KinseyBruce Kinsey
24 Aug 2012 01:19
8 by dnewmandnewman
07 Sep 2012 20:48 Jump!
Need some prototypes made
by: Tommy FountainTommy Fountain
21 Aug 2012 08:31
3 by korencekorence
31 Dec 2015 06:21 Jump!
by: GodfatherUrGodfatherUr
12 Aug 2012 23:18
6 by BluemetalBluemetal
14 Aug 2012 15:50 Jump!
by: nhand42nhand42
12 Aug 2012 14:29
9 by BluemetalBluemetal
13 Aug 2012 14:51 Jump!
My heated build platform looses connection and shows 1024 degrees intermittantly. Never holds long enough to print.
by: mrbenbrittonmrbenbritton
12 Aug 2012 01:00
4 by mrbenbrittonmrbenbritton
18 Aug 2012 23:17 Jump!
having issues with replicatorG not connecting to firmware
by: Shanen HaanShanen Haan
07 Aug 2012 23:25
27 by klaieeklaiee
28 Aug 2012 03:22 Jump!
The v3.6 extruder board is built for thermocouples (polarized), Can I just plug in the thermisters and get it to work?
by: daandehaandaandehaan
07 Aug 2012 15:54
2 by BluemetalBluemetal
07 Aug 2012 19:31 Jump!
Phentemine375 incorporates everything that made Phentermine so effective at promoting weight loss
by: Jared JustJared Just
07 Aug 2012 14:47
2 by phen375infophen375info
04 Oct 2017 05:53 Jump!
Z axis on Makerbot Thingomatic slides down while printing resulting in the print head travelling through the already printed material. I have tried reverting the firmware version to 3.0, tried each possible configuration for "Hold Z axis", tried increasing the steps per mm for the z axis, nothing seems to help.
by: PiWarriorPiWarrior
04 Aug 2012 17:26
5 by nhand42nhand42
18 Aug 2012 01:14 Jump!
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