From Point Cloud To Printable Object

Taylor's Blender Tips

For those of you who have never even heard of Blender, do not worry there is hope! I started using blender solely for the Cyclops project and learned the meshing essentials very quickly. There are very few tools you will need to make a good looking printable object.

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Other Blender/Meshlab Tips!

Meshlab+Blender MakerScanner Tips:
see the following links on the site,
-Viewing and cleaning scan data
-Editing your mesh


There is a detailed Meshlab instructables here:

No matter which program you are using, you will need to do the following:

1. Export mesh
From Decoding Parameters, there is a button “export mesh” when you click it, a .ply file will be saved to your computer (it should be in the Threephase folder that you downloaded).

2. Import mesh
Find a program to open up the mesh. Blender and Meshlab are two of the most common ones for this kind of editing.
Import the file into Blender/Meshlab and you should have a 3D mesh of your object! It will only appear as a "skin" for now
-It may look super fuzzy or super crazy in some ways, so from here you have to do some cleaning up.

3. From "Skin" to "full object."
You now have a couple of options in order fill in the object.
a. You can very easily extrude the object backwards, and then either leave as is, or add a flat back to it.
b. You can take scans of the object from both sides, and mesh them together in Blender. This might take a lot of time and might require more advanced knowledge of the program you are using.

4. Scale
Figure out your scale, either in the external program or within ReplicatorG, and 3D print your scan!

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