Frostruder - Frosting Extruder

Frostruder MK2 - Air compressor powered.

As of May 2010, this item is available for purchase at

  • What kinds of materials can be used? Preliminary experimental materials include: Peanut butter, jelly, frosting, and mushy clay. Further research needs to be done into the realm of UV curable silicon and glue.
  • What kind of compressor will work? So far we've used a large compressor to good success and a small pump used for filling up car tires in an emergency with very little success.
  • How fine can it make things. We have ordered lots of interchangeable needles, but research needs to get done.
  • Where can I find more info/contribute my own experiences. here! Frostruder MK2

Frostruder V1.0 - Screw Drive

Note: This method of extrusion has been abandoned.

Now Frost Some Cupcakes!

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