Frostruder Materials List

Printable Materials

This is a list of materials and properties for printing with the Frostruder MK2. Remember, that these are just a starting point. The viscosity of these materials will vary based on pressure and ambient temperature. You will definitely need to do at least a little bit of tweakings to get it printing perfectly.

There are literally hundreds of materials you can use in your Frostruder. If you try a new one, please add it to the list below.

Material PSI Needle Size XY Feedrate Line Width Stop Distance Start Delay Dot Delay
Betty Crocker 'Rich and Creamy' Chocolate Frosting 80 20GA 3596 0.60 2.07 50 50
Betty Crocker 'Rich and Creamy' Chocolate Frosting 50 20GA 1200 0.60 1.70 76 76
Nutella 80 20GA 2798 0.60 1.0 50 50
Jelly ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Cake batter 80 21GA 2000 0.50 1 250 50

Printable Surfaces

The Frostruder is great for extruding frosting, but what are you going to extrude on? Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Foamcore works great for testing. Very flat and cheap.
  • Paper or other flat stuff can be taped over your build surface too.
  • Any flat foodstuff that is roughly 4" x 4" will work well. (Graham Crackers)
  • Bread (toasted or untoasted) You might even be able to toast it with the HBP.
  • Pop Tarts
  • Cupcakes (with flattened tops)
  • Brownies
  • Wax paper or baking parchment (then put it in the freezer and peel off for later use)

Keep in mind that the frostruder needs a nice, flat surface to print on. If you use something irregular such as a baked good, you will need to compensate for that. One method is to spread a base layer of your media onto the item, then extrude onto that. Remember, you'll need to experiment in order to find out what works best for you.

Needle Sizes

Color Gauge Size (mm)
Dark Green 14 1.75mm
Orange 15 1.50mm
Purple 16 1.35mm
White 17 1.15mm
Pink 18 1.00mm
Brown 19 0.75mm
Yellow 20 0.65mm
Green 21 0.55mm
Black 22 0.50mm
Light Blue 23 0.40mm
Red 24 0.35mm
Blue 25 0.30mm
Beige 26 0.25mm
Gray 27 0.20mm
Lavender 30 0.15mm
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