Frostruder MK2

The Frostruder MK2 is a radically different approach to frosting extrusion. Instead of using a motorized plunger approach such as with the Frostruder MK1 and Fab@Home paste extruders, we've switched to air power. The result is a Frostruder with excellent characteristics: nearly instantaneous start/stop capability, vastly simplified design, a high pressure capacity, and an awesome steampunk aesthetic.

The way it works is pretty simple: The Frostruder is basically a syringe connected to a pressure source, typically an air compressor. There are two solenoid valves to control the pressure: a 'Pressure' and a 'Relief' valve. When the Pressure valve is on, the syringe is connected to the main pressure source and that pressure forces out whatever paste material is in the syringe. When you wish to stop the extrusion, the Pressure valve is closed, and the Relief valve is opened. This part is critical because even after the Pressure valve is closed, the syringe is still pressurized. By opening the relief valve, the pressure is released and the Frostruder stops extruding almost immediately.


  • Capable of handling up to 100PSI
  • 50cc syringe capacity
  • Standard Luer lock nozzle connector

Usable Materials


The Frostruder is capable of extruding nearly anything with a paste-like consistency. There are many materials to possible, from food based items to awesome engineering resins. So far, we've had success extruding the following materials:

  • Frosting
  • Peanut butter (creamy)
  • Jelly / Jam
  • Nutella
  • Clay
  • Silicone
  • Epoxy

For more details on various materials, and settings to use for each, please visit the Frostruder Materials List.

Required compressor

The compressor needs to be capable of generating 80-100 psi (5.5 - 7 bar) with ??? l/minute and feature a ??? connector.

Get one!

Gathering all the parts for building one of these can be pretty time-consuming. Some of the parts like the lasercut parts and solenoid valves are difficult to source. Not only that, but buying a kit from the creators supports us so we can make it better. That's why we offer a kit that contains everything you need to build one yourself.

Buy the Frostruder MK2 kit from the MakerBot store


Building the Frostruder takes about 2 hours from start to finish. It's a pretty straight-forward process where you bolt together parts, cut and strip wires, and other fairly simple tasks. We've simplified the design so that it only requires simple, common tools to assemble. If you have a partner or friend to help you out, it will be much more fun.

No soldering required!

View the assembly instructions here.


Your finished extruder is a robust, solid device for frosting extrusion. If you treat it properly, it will extrude for a long time. There are certain things you should know about your extruder in order to avoid damaging it.

1. Never leave a valve energized for extended periods of time.
2. Always clean out your syringe when done extruding.
3. Always double check that connections are secure and air tight.
4. Never exceed 100PSI. Try to keep it at 80PSI or below.

View the usage instructions here.

Source Code


The design of this extruder is 100% open source. What this means is that we've released all the CAD files used for parts and the documentation under free licenses. The majority of the files are DXF files created by QCad. There are a few different ways you can access the files:

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.