Gen3 Hbridge Fix

This fix came in from an intrepid user, who solved his own support ticket:

The work-around is pretty straight forward. You're just replacing the
extruder's on board DC motor controller with the board in the DC motor
controller kit. On the extruder board, LED4 is attached to the arduino
direction pin and LED2 the enable pin. So, I added some solder to the LED4
and LED2 on their sides closest to the edge of the board and to R11 (closest
to it's label) which is attached to the ground plane and solderd a three pin
header to each of these locations respectively.


Then plug those pins into the DC Motor Board kit and attach this to the
extruder motor. In the picture below, I added some LED's that are more
visible (plus I burned one out in the soldering process). Also, the toasted
H-Bridge driver IC has been removed. The ground pin in the picture is above
the plane of the board and then bends down to solder to R11.


and the DC board:


That's it, the DC motor is isolated from the extruder and mother boards.
Like I said, not one communication problem since. Also, here's a pic of
the burned out driver IC. The dark spot is a hole that blew out of the


Might be a good way to keep some Gen3 extruders in action a bit longer!

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