MakerBot Hall Of Fame

Rules For Entry

  1. You must print your model on an authentic MakerBot
  2. Modifications to your machine are encouraged, but not required.
  3. If you beat a record, you must add an image next to a ruler or on graph paper as proof.

Tallest Print

This challenge is very simple and straightforward: what is the tallest thing you can print with your MakerBot.


Current record:
120mm by Zach Hoeken
135mm by Eberhard Rensch (Zaggo)
154mm by Brian J. Pierce []

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Biggest Volume

This challenge is also pretty straightforward: What is the biggest object you can build. 100x100x100 cube? Bring it.

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Longest Print


What is the longest duration print you've made using standard MakerBot configuration settings. This will really get interesting once we introduce the continuous print conveyor belt hack.

Current Record: 2 hours, 45 minutes by Zach Hoeken

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Most Complex

We're not really sure how to judge this one, so its going to be mostly subjective. We'll also count things like overhangs, islands, vertices, size, and other things of that nature.

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Best Replication

Have you modeled and printed an object that is almost identical to the original? We're looking for the most realistic and detailed replica of the object, any object. Bonus points for more detailed and complicated parts to replicate.

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Biggest Overhang

How far can you get your overhangs to go? Test you skills and compare them with the rest of the MakerBot operators. Do you have what it takes to push it to the edge (and over?)

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Highest resolution (layer density)


Increasing resolution is important. It generally gives higher build quality while taking the same amount of time. The concept is simple: move the print head faster and stretch the filament as it is coming out. The filament comes out thinner and thus you can lower the layer height. Will you be the first to 0.1mm? (DD: YES!)

Current record: 0.25 mm/layer by Marius Kintel 0.15 mm/layer by Rick Pollack 0.10mm/layer by Dave Durant

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Most Awesome Print Ever

This is pretty much the most subjective category we could think of, but what hall of fame would be complete without it. If you think your object is the best thing since sliced bread, then you may be the next hall of fame entry.

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