iPhone/iPod/iPad(!) + JailBreakMe.com + PodBreakout + Logic Level Converter + Printed Dock Enclosure + Some Code + MakerBot = OMGWTFBBQ!1 Possibly one of the most awesomest multitouch LCD Control Panels EVER


  • awesome multitouch graphical display - no keypad needed
  • display and set extruder and heated platform temp
  • list and select print jobs pre-loaded on SD card - no computer needed
  • control the motors and read positions
  • perhaps execute pre-defined gcode snippets?
  • display progress bar and estimated time while printing
  • audio feedback - play an audio file when print job is complete, when temperature has reached target, etc
  • email/tweet/sms status messages?
  • I wonder if skeinforge would run on a jailbroken iOS device? If so, perhaps we could download STLs from thingiverse, slice it, send it to printer - but would probably be too SLOOOOW
  • perhaps it could also charge the iPhone while it is docked in the MakerBot?


Brainstorming Phase… Contact Tony Buser


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