Installing Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts are included in your kit so that the Cyclops is able to mount onto any standard tripod mount, for both portrait and landscape view.

What's needed:

-Base Plate & Right side lasercut parts
-Threaded Inserts (included in kit)
-super glue (recommended)
-EITHER a hammer OR large pliers:

Note: the super glue is not required, but strongly recommended. this will make the Cyclops very secure on a tripod; without them the threaded inserts may fall out or cause the Cyclops wood to slip off the insert and thus the tripod.

If you have large pliers as seen in the picture below, click on following link:

See how to install inserts using pliers here


If you do not have a large wrench (as seen in the picture below), you can use a hammer:

See how to install inserts using a hammer here

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