Hardware Burrito List

(incomplete list)

  • M3 nuts (180, you won't use all of them)
  • M3x10 bolts (16, instruction calls for "M3x10" but shaft is actually 8mm long)
  • M3x16 bolts (180, you won't use all of them)
  • M5 nuts (3)
  • M5x45 bolt (1)
  • M5 washers (4)
  • M8 nuts (30)
  • M8x50 bolts (3)
  • M8 washers (15)
  • 3mmx3mmx3mm gold magnets (10)
  • Plastic spacers (25)
  • Phillips head screws (4)

Quick Terminology

  • M indicates diameter of shaft in millimeters
  • The number after "x" equals length of shaft in millimeters


  • M indicates inner diameter of the nut. A M3 nut fits a M3 bolt.

See About Bolts and Nuts for more details

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