Jetty Firmware - Altshell Install

The optional "Altshell" plugin for Skeinforge may be used to generate gcode which will give an exterior shell that has none of the blemishes which might be caused by accelerated printing.

The "Altshell" plugin may be downloaded as the file from Thing 17855. The plugin is a single text file entitled Also included in the .zip file are replacement files where NN is a the Skeinforge version number (e.g., 35). Installation directions, repeated below, are provided towards the top of the file.

If you are on Mac or Linux, we've included an file written by Aaron Ciuffo which you can run by typing:

chmod u+x

Alternatively, you can follow these instructions to install manually:

First, locate the plugin directory for the version of Skeinforge you are using. This is a relatively deep directory tree. If the version of Skeinforge is NN (e.g, "35", "47", etc.) and the version of ReplicatorG is XXXX (e.g., "0034"), then the path to the directory will be

  • Mac (RepG 33 and later): /Applications/
  • Mac (RepG 29 and earlier): /Applications/replicatorg/skein_engines/skeinforge-NN/skeinforge_application/skeinforge_plugins/craft_plugins/
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\ReplicatorG\replicator-XXXX\skein_engines\skeinforge-NN\skeinforge_application\skeinforge_plugins\craft_plugins\
  • Linux: TBD

In that craft_plugins directory, place the file.

Replace the file with the file for your version of Skeinforge,

  • Mac (RepG 33 and later): /Applications/
  • Mac (RepG 29 and earlier): /Applications/replicatorg/skein_engines/skeinforge-NN/skeinforge_application/skeinforge_plugins/profile_plugins/
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\ReplicatorG\replicator-XXXX\skein_engines\skeinforge-NN\skeinforge_application\skeinforge_plugins\profile_plugins\
  • Linux: TBD

Be sure to change the name from to You may wish to save the original file before overwriting it with the replacement file.

If there is not an file for your version of Skeinforge, then you can manually edit as per the directions found within the file.

The Altshell plugin is then activated the same way you would activate any other Skeinforge plugin: edit the Skeinforge profile, select the Altshell plugin, and check the "Activate" checkbox. Then save the profile.

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