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List of 3D scanner companies circa Aug/Sept 1998 from Jerry Isdale
List of DIY and Commercial links from Siggraph 2009 course

Discussion Forums

Google Group Discussion used by Us Makerbot/Scanner folks
UK web site with forum discussing Laser Scanning


grasp 3D scanner []
Triangles 3D scanner []
Flatbed 3D scanner []
David Scanner - []
David Tutorial - []
Lego Milk Scanner - []
Lego poke scanner - []
Scanalicious - []
pelican case scanner []
arduino scanner []
Qi Pan's ProFORMA scanning w plain webcam BoingBoing link ProFORMA: Probabilistic Feature-based On-line Rapid Model Acquisition (paper)
SplineScan goal to develop effective, open source 3D scanning tools for science and research.
DIY Book Scanner




Voxel Coloring and another use of it


Z Corp (Burlington, MA):
Buyer's Guide: 3D Scanning
"The United States manufacturer's suggested retail prices are $84,900 USD for the ZScanner 700 PX and $49,900 USD for the ZScanner 700 CX."

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