Led Strip v1.1

Makerbot Custom LED Light Bar (aka Led Strip v1.1)

And the operator said, Let there be light, and there was light.

TODO: replace with a picture of the assembled LED strip

Package contents

The package contains:
  • LED Strip PCB
  • 12 red LEDs
  • 12 resistors (220 Ohm)


Where to get power (5V) for the LED strip? Options are:

  • directly from ATX power supply (DON'T PICK THE 12V-!)
  • from the mainboard (RS-485, cut an old Ethernet cable)
  • from the mainboard (I2C pinhead connectors)


Install them anywhere you want to have LEDs. There isn't any place special to mount them on the Makerbot.

Installation Suggestion

We installed ours at the top / front corner of the 'bot. We cut a strip of wood at a 45° angle, mounted the light bars to it, and hot glued it into the top corner of the frame. No other positioning spread the light out as well within the chassis.

Print LED Strip EZ Clip by WRIGHT1 or LED Strip EZ Clip Revisedand use it clip the LED strip on the front of the Makerbot


We ran switched power from one of the extra 5v power wires on the PSU, and mounted a small switch on that back since the red lights are very bright.

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