This is a page to document the production machines at MakerBot so we know what the problems are and their status.


Name Status type Location Notes
Oscar no barrel mk3+Orange plate xxx
Barry missing leg, barrel mk3+Orange plate
Bob ??? mk3+Green plate Liberty
Marty Good xxx Sheila (bre's travel machine)
Roger Rebuilt/Good Mk4 Yori (tron themed bot Rebuilt and upgraded to MK4 on 1.19.10 - Full length nicrome at 6.5 ohms and double copper wires. Solid. Currently on Yori (Bre's Tron themed machine
Houston Rebuilt upgraded to MK4 on 1.19.10 Martha Vader Full length nicrome at 6.5 ohms and double copper wires. Solid. Feed spill above washer/nut just above extruder section around bottom of ceramic element prevents printing and feed removal. Will rebuild extruder section.
Silver ?? MK3 Jake's machine We should really give him this when we're done producing parts.
Daffy Heated Build platform ready mk4 cupcake#340 Pla


Name Status Location Notes
#340 "Leaning" models production table xxx
#Yori Beautiful. production table You mess this one up. You better talk to Bre or at least email him. This one's his baby.
#J Not round models production table This machine needs help. Extruder is old and the extrusion is slow and thick compared to newer machines. Probably needs to be rebuilt. Acrylic platform works but has seriously seen better days.
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