Makerbot 1024

The history of MiseryBot, a build 13 MakerBot.

The initial build went pretty well. There were some voids in the plywood, but we filled them with epoxy

Then we found problems with the vertical rods being bent. After no response from MBI we bought straight replacement rods.

Soon we started having the inevitable trouble with extruder. This is where it earned the name of MiseryBot :(

We made a worm gear drive gear:

The next project was creating a new extruder, which is summarized here:

The main thing is that the melt zone can be very short:

All the melt is in this very small brass tip:

Here is a video of the Short Melt Zone Extruder in action:

Hopefully MiseryBot will work well now.

MiseryBot put its first thing on Thingiverse:

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