Makerbot Mill

Documentation for a MakerBot Mill.

It should be possible to transform your MakerBot into a mill. This page is dedicated to development of a simple open source pcb mill.


DIY Mill Links

Roboteernat's mill documentation page He's transforming his MakerBot into a mill. Awesome! His photos are here to tempt you!: []

-As I don't have a MakerBot… yet, I can't implement and experiment so I'll leave it to guys till I get my own. A real easy solution is to attach a pneumatic pencil grinder ( in place of the plastruder. They're inexpensive, can run off a small air compressor, and the high speed but low torque is ideal for the small, non-rigid machine.
-In general when doing any CNC machining you need to know your feeds and speeds. This is especially important because the cutting bits are small and very easy to break, and if the bit doesn't break you have a chance of breaking the part or even worse, the machine. When I get some more time I'll post some machining formulas and feed/speed charts.

-Joseph Gray
-CNC Machinist & Production/Process Engineer

I'm working on exactly this.
First step will be milling+drilling PCBs.
I adapted VIsolate for efficient voronoi-milling of PCBs to the RepMan a while ago.
It should work with the TOM too.
I just made this adapter:
to use my reliable and stable milling-toolhead on the TOM
and I'm working on a modification to the ABP to make it easily detachable
and a vice for clamping a PCB in an exact and repeatable location right now.

-Marcus Wolschon

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