Missing Parts?

If you feel like you are missing a component- DON'T PANIC!

Many MakerBot products have a series of subkits- an item may not be immediately visible. Some items look very similar, and can be challenging to see the differences. Take a deep breath, make sure you have adequate light to handle small components, and slowly examine the component bags and parts. Check out the floor too, or under your keyboard.

Some commonly missed parts:

*Gold Magnets- In the CupCake CNC Ultimate Kit the gold magnets ship in two locations. 5 gold magnets ship inside the "Build Surface Kit" and 10 Gold magnets ship packed away inside the "Hardware Burrito." Since they are magnetic, sometimes they are hidden underneath other metal components.

*Z-Motor Pulley or X-Idler Pulley- These two pulleys are the same in every way but one- The bore hole of the Z-Motor pulley is a tiny bit smaller than the X-Idler Pulley bore hole. It is possible to use the X-Idler pulley on the Z-Motor shaft, but then the X-Idler bolt won't fit in the remaining brass pulley. Just swap them and you're back in shape. If you still have a bit of trouble fitting the Z-Motor pulley, you can sand inside the brass bore until it fits on more easily. There should never be any need to "drill out" a pulley to make items fit.

*MK5 Thermal Cape- In some documentation photos the cape is mirrored mylar, but in later shipments it is made from clear mylar. It can be easy to miss as it is a clear plastic object inside a clear zip-lock bag, with the other custom bits kit for the MK5.

*Opto-Endstops- The CupCake Ultimate and Starter don't come standard with endstops. The Opto-Endstops have some trouble under certain fluorescent light bulbs, so we discontinued shipping them in the early days of shipping CupCake CNCs. The Thing-O-Matic will ship standard with mechanical endstops. Optical and Mechanical endstops will be available for purchase under electronics in the store.

*Bearings- The 608 skate bearings that come with the CupCake are shipped inside a small storage tube. Sometimes the tube is clear, sometimes the tube is black. When the tube is black it can be unclear what the tube is for, but just crack it open- it's full of bearings.

*Relay Board Kit- With the CupCake CNC Ultimate Kit the "Relay Board Kit" ships inside the Automated Build Platform box. It's a white box identical to the box that the MK5 Plastruder comes in.

If you find and can determine that an item is definitely missing that you should have received- please send us an email describing the situation. You can contact us here: http://support.makerbot.com/home

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