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You're on the edge. You want to get a MakerBot, but it's so fresh and new that you're not sure so you're asking yourself, "Should you get a MakerBot? Are these folks legit? Will I be able to make it? What will I do with it?"

MakerBot Community to the rescue! Here are some testimonials! You can feel free to add to this page if you like with your own testimonial.

At the end of your testimonial, please include your name or handle, your city, and it would be cool if you would mention the number of your MakerBot for reference.

November 2, 2009

As a faculty member of Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences. I have been tasked with setting up a whole new curriculum for this 6-12 private school. For lack of a better , (more academic sounding), name we are called the Department of Making Things. The DOMT has the charge of adding an essential but often missing ingredient to the education of our students. That ingredient is the manipulation of materials to solve problems. Our students are given actual needs and must develop a set of possible solutions, then carry the most likely through a digital design. The design is only an intermediate product not the end. The student must then take the most likely to work design and fabricate their prototype. If the design works then they must optimize it. That entails finding improvements in function, esthetic appeal, and materials and manufacturing efficiency. The satisfaction and depth of learning experienced by the students when they complete even a simple project is very gratifying. They really ‘get it’ after going all the way through. For those students that learn by making it is transforming.

We chose the Makerbot Cupcake CNC to be our first tool in the maker-lab. The experience of bringing this compact but sophisticated system to life has been a great project by itself. We are impressed with the quality of the design and the well made kit. Finding our way through the software proved to be a challenge but we have succeeded and can now count ourselves as fully operational. We think that the Makerbot is an interesting and educational tool that is a bargain in terms of cost. It is a tremendous value in terms of bringing the experience of making to the classroom. The technology of three dimensional additive manufacture is still young and growing rapidly. Having students experience the Makerbot places them near the leading edge of manufacturing technology. We believe that this sort of experience is vital for the future of our society and for our students.

Fred Feiertag / Makerbot #104

Chairperson of the Department of Making Things

Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences

"We got MakerBot #132 (batch 5) at Hive76 and later #233 (batch 7) at UPenn
The best part about MakerBot is that everything is open source. Absolutely everything, from the electronic schematics to the cross-platform software system, to the CAD design files for the actual physical machine. You can download detailed parts lists that goes into all the minutiae and try to source things yourself, but I recommend just ordering parts directly from MakerBot. If you have an idea for an improvement, just go do it! You have all the tools and info right there in front of you.

The second best part of MakerBot is that the machine actually works and lives up to the hype. Going from initial idea to digital design file to 3D-printed physical object can actually be done in a couple of hours. It's tremendously gratifying to go through this process, and I still can't get over how easy it is once you get the hang of it. People have talked about how this system changes your design execution. The old way: spending days/weeks designing on the computer before sending your object off to be printed on a high end machine and hoping that you got everything incorporated just right the first time out — expensive mistakes are all too common with this outdated approach. The MakerBot way: it's most efficient to just immediately print your first idea, try it out, then make modifications to your source files as needed. Got 5 ideas? No problem… with Makerbot, you can try all of them and still stay on budget.

The third best thing is the amazing community that Bre, Zach, and Adam have created and continue to advance. You will find the MakerBot community some of the most creative, talented, and friendliest people around. We've got a very active mailing list, and the founders regularly respond to comments and questions. Documentation for MakerBot is by far the best I've seen online for any robotics kit. And don't forget about printable upgrades — the community releases additions and modifications that you can just download, 3D-print, and use to upgrade your system! Excellent.

The project is still young (and rough around the edges, but that makes it more fun!) but MakerBot is making terrific strides forward all the time, which was obvious simply by looking at all the mods that went into the system from batch 5 -> batch 7. More fit and finish, easier assembly, better instructions and tuning recommendations. Visible on the horizon (and already working in select places around the world) are higher resolution printing, multi-material printing, different-state extruding (viscous liquids). These guys are the real deal.

Some of the parts you will use during assembly were actually printed on a MakerBot. That's aplomb that speaks for itself."
Jordan Miller
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
member, Hive76 (MakerBot #132, batch 5)
researcher, University of Pennsylvania, Bioengineering (MakerBot #233, batch 7)

When I purchased my Makerbot I had expected tons of stress and little help from anybody! It was not completely stress free, luckily I had TONS of help from Bre, and ALL of the makerbot community! Since I am a novice with electronics I needed a tremendous amount of help with bootloading and soldering, and part values! However, I purchased one of the first (number 37) and that was before the awesomeness of pre-soldered boards! Since the electronics were the only (major) "pitfall" of my makerbot project, I now HIGHLY RECOMMEND a makerbot! As for hardware, putting my makerbot together was INCREDIBLY easy! Because of makerbot, I am finally able to put all of my designs, ideas, and even others designs, into physical form! Makerbot was a way to finally purchase a 3-D printer that didn't involve spending $50,000 or making one from scratch. As for print quality, it is amazingly accurate for its $1000 price tag. If you are at all leery on the what this thing can do just check out I love makerbot! The possibilities are endless!

-Conrad Farnsworth

As an aspiring engineering student, i search for opportunities to improve my current skill set. I have learned digital logic and analog circuitry. Taught myself PCB design and manufacturing. What i lacked was the ability to design and manufacture (Affordably) cases for my projects. Pricing out custom manufacturing i was told that i would be spending close to $400 for small and simple designs. With a Makerbot i am able to simply make an initial investment and for pennies and nickels design and print designs and easily go through 5 revisions of a design for a fraction of what these professional organizations may have charged.

The Makerbot also serves as a great learning tool. I had very little experience with any sort of tri-axis systems and what sort of parameters are crucial to its operation.

The Makerbot Community, including the Reprap community as well, has created many many documents showing how to fix, improve, and alter the Makerbot Cupcake CNC.

I highly recommend a Cupcake CNC for any engineering students or a classroom environment. You cannot go wrong with a Makerbot purchase.

-Cid Vilas
Beaverton, OR, USA
Makerbot Cupcake CNC #186
Makerbot Cupcake CNC SBM000002

I'm working at the University College of Ghent, and use 2 RepMans and a Makerbot for use in a educational project. (EHBO2, "Eigen Hart en Bloedvaten Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling", stands for Own Hart and Bloodvessel Research and Development)
The RepRap project is THE way to reach young people and make them interested in technology! Using software, electronics, mechanics and knowledge about plastics to print your own designs… can it be more all-in-one?

-Batist Leman
Scientific Collaborator at University College of Ghent - Department of Applied Engineering
Campus Schoonmeersen
9000 Ghent
Makerbot Cupcake CNC #194

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