Making Your Own Endstop Cables

I found that the ethernet cables for hooking up the end stops were too
long and I thought that they were messy.

So I looked for an alternate cable method. I got a 8P8C crimping
tool , some 8P8C (RJ45) ends and some flat 6 core flat cable ( like
telephone wire) , I could have used 4 or 8 but they had no 4 in stock
and the 6 was cheaper.

I consulted the end stop wiring diagram:


and worked out where to put the 6 wires in a 8P8C plug and made sure
they were the same at each end.

I also got some cool little cables holders that have a sticky back and
a wishbone bobble thing so you can twist them shut and open them again


I then terminated one end measured the cable run , cut and terminated
the other end.

I think that it looks neater than the ethernet cables. The downside is
that you need more tools ( the crimper ).

The result :

Looks pretty neat but it's more work that the Ethernet cables.

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