Installing Firmware for the MakerBot Motherboard v2.4

Prepare the MakerBot Motherboard

Disconnect any other USB serial devices your computer's USB ports. Next, attach the Thingomatic Arduino MEGA to your computer with the USB cable. If you have already created the MakerBot Motherboard v2.4 Stack which locks the Arduino MEGA to the bottom of the MakerBot Motherboard PCB, then you will use the MakerBot Motherboard v2.4 reset button instead of the one on the Arduino MEGA when the directions call for this action. Otherwise the directions for both route are identical.


Installing the firmware

Start ReplicatorG and Select "Machines > Update Firmware…" from the menu.


Select the board and version you're updating.

Please note: that there is a new, separate set of firmware for the Gen4 Motherboard with Arduino 2560.


Select the version of the firmware you'd like to upload.

This should ordinarily be the one with the highest number, which is the latest version.


Select the serial port that represents your Motherboard.

Your Motherboard will appear as a serial port on your computer. Usually this will be the last one listed. The names will vary from platform to platform.


Upload The Firmware

This is the tricky step. Try to press the reset button at the same time as you click the upload button.

Be patient; it may take a minute or two to upload the firmware. If the upload succeeded, you should see a message indicating success. If you see a message indicating failure, try again! Getting the timing of the reset is important; it may take a few tries to get right.

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