How to Download and Print Protein Models from Protein Data Bank

1. Download and install Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD).
2. Go to Protein Data Bank (PDB) and search for your favorite protein. Click on the protein to go to its page.
3. Download the molecule by going to Download Files on upper right and choose PDB File (Text).

4. Open VMD. Go to File —> New Molecule and click Load. Your molecule will show up on a separate window. If you don't see it, check one of the windows that are already open.

5. Go to Graphics —> Representations. Under the Draw Style tab, there is a drop down menu titled Drawing Method. Experiment a little and see what you like.

6. Go back to the main window and choose File —> Render. Choose STL from the Render Using drop down menu. Click Browse to name your file and choose where to save. Then, click the Render button.

7. Open the file in the 3D editing software of your choice. Select the axis object and delete it. Make any modifications you need to the model and you're ready to print.

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