Mounting The Pico Projector 101

NOTE: when you first purchase the projector, there will be a threaded insert attached to the projector. Simply unscrew this piece; you will not need that insert for this mount.

Provided in your kit is a small 1/64-1/2" silver screw (the smallest screw in the kit). You will also notice a very small hole in the base plate just in front of the threaded insert.


Make sure the projector is facing the same way as the arrows, and then tighten the silver screw all the way through the wooden base plate, and then into the threaded hole in the projector’s base. The wording on the base plate should be facing up towards the projector


Tighten the screw; however not super tight so that you are pressing it far into the wood. This is for a few reasons..

-One, over-tightening may lead to stripping the screw (very annoying, especially for small screws).

-Two, over-tightening too much will cause a short (or something of the sort!) and will cause the projector to shut off [temporarily, should not be permanent damage]


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