Mounting The Pico Projector Jr

Provided in your kit is a 1/4" diameter x 3/8" long silver bolt, as well as a washer. You will also notice that there is a 1/4" hole towards the front-right section of the base plate


Insert the washer and bolt through the bottom side of the base plate like so:


Make sure the projector is facing the same way as the arrows, and then HAND tighten the bolt all the way through the wooden base plate, and then into the threaded hole in the projector’s base. The wording on the base plate should be facing up towards the projector


The projector should look as follows:

Please note, we intentionally used a large hex bolt to fasten the pico jr so that you can use your HANDS to screw and unscrew the bolt. This makes it very easy for someone to take the projector in and out of place.

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