Nozzle v2

Around July 2009, we switched to some awesome machinists to manufacture the nozzles for the MakerBot. The new nozzles are slightly different from the first ones and so need a little adjusting in skeinforge.

This is an ongoing series of tests, follow to to the bottom for the best progress made so far:

During the first round of tweaking I adjusted four settings:

extrusion width over thickness = 1.68 [1.9]
layer thickness = 0.312 [0.372]

extrusion diameter over thickness = 1.15 [1.3]
feedrate = 37.5 [26.5]

[…] = default skeinforge setting

With these settings the MakerBot produces a nice solid surface on top and bottom. However, it is still having some difficulty with overhangs and I suspect reducing the temperature slightly (in RAFT) would help.

Zach suggests: it looks like the extruder head isn't moving fast enough. Try speeding up the moves.

Zach got some good results yesterday with 0.25mm layer thickness and around 45mm/s feedrate.

Widget: I've noticed good results with similar settings. Although I am worried that the flowrate may be too high for the new nozzle to handle. I'm going to do some slower flow and feed tests to see if it gets me anywhere.

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