Other Webcams Drivers

For Mac
-Isight: If you have an old isight from a mac computer, you may try to use this. It is very poor quality (about 0.3 megapixels) and I would not recommend using this. However, if you do not want to pay for a webcam, this is an option

For Windows
-Any of the Microsoft Lifecam webcams SHOULD WORK, however, I have not tested any except the cinema:
-I recommend the Cinema (you can get it online cheaper than from the site above); but if not then try to get a webcam with a high still photo quality.

For Windows and/or Mac
-Dynex 1.3MP webcam:

One webcam driver with some adjustable features is "manycam"
It works with the isight and the dynex webcam. Should be compatible with windows and mac

Iglasses is another driver that allows you to control plenty of extra features on your mac with standard programs such as iphoto.

Be aware that some webcams may not fit inside the Cyclops and/or the webcam hoslter.

The ones listed above are not custom to the cyclops

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