Pattern Images To Be Displayed From Projector

In order for Processing to get a 3D image from 2D pictures, you need to display three white striped images from the projector onto your object. You will have to use your iphone/ipod/itouch or whatever other device you have that is compatible with the pico projector, in order to display the images. Therefore you must first get these images onto your device.


1. Within the ThreePhase folder you should find a folder titled “Pattern” which has three white striped images as shown to the right.

Note: Vertical pattern stripes will NOT work with this mount if the webcam is attached upright as it will be within the MakerBot 3D Scanner
(The MakerBot 3D Scanner is able to mount on its side, so you therefore will be able to get horizontal & vertical stripes eventually anyway.)

There are a few easy ways to get the photos onto your device

A. With the USB drive or SD card, simply copy or save the images to your device.
B. With an ipod/iphone:
-using a mac, simply drag the photos to iphoto, and then sync your device with itunes.
-using a pc, once the device is connected to the computer, you should be able to simply drag or copy the images to a folder within the device
C. IF you are using either an iphone or itouch, you can very simply email the pictures to yourself, and then open and save them onto your iphone/touch.


-In either case a,b,c, I strongly recommend copying and pasting the three images many times into the same album or wherever the photos are on your device. This way, you can run slideshow for a very long time while you have time to adjust the projector/webcams focus, and other features.
NOTE: keep the three images cycling between img1,img2,img3,img1,img2,img3, etc… It is very nice to simply have the projector constantly cycling between the images while you adjust your settings.

2. When you hook up your device to the pico projector, and press play, the projector should be cycling through the three striped images. Change the settings on the device to cycle as fast as possible when in slideshow.

3. You may notice that the cycling of images shows the stripes constantly moving down. When you eventually take your scan, you will be taking three pictures of the same object, each with the white stripes moved down slightly.

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