Plus Sized Cupcakes

This page is for discussion of Cupcake variants with larger build areas. If you're working on one, add a link!

Liberty Prototype (Bre Pettis)


The Liberty prototype is a tall variant of the MakerBot with a increased build area of 100mm x 100mm x 300mm. You can check out some photos of it in the flickr stream.

Note: This didn't work. As it went past 130mm, the buildbase got heavy enough with the mass on it that the extrusion got very wobbly.

Wide Prototype (Hotproceed)


The Wide prototype is a wider version of the MakerBot with an increased build area of 200mm x 100mm x 100mm.

You may be wondering why the enclosure is so large compared to the build platform in this prototype. Due to the design of the MakerBot where the build platform is moved in the X and Y directions, the enclosure needs to be about 4 times the size of the build platform to allow enough space to move. In other designs such as the RepRap Darwin the toolhead moves in the X and Y directions removing this requirement, however the extra bulk of the X and Y assembly by the toolhead leads to other design challenges.

Z-Axis Extender Kit (Zydac)


The Z-axis extender kit uses 3D printed parts to raise the starting level of the Cupcake's threaded rods and its top panel. This enables a greater range of movement on the existing threaded rods. A heated platform is necessary to prevent object wobble.

The pictured Cupcake (MakerBot #169) can print objects up to 185mm, but the extender design is capable of at least 200mm.

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