Printing Pause But Extruder Keeps Extruding

This is commonly thought to be a communication error on the Motherboard. There a couple of methods to fix this:

Swap ethernet cables
Switch out the ethernet cable to the extruder with another one.
Better yet, use shielded cat5e cable instead.
It'll save you a lot of headache trying to figure out why everything is behaving so weirdly.

Print from an SD card
Information can run into a bottleneck thru the FTDI chip going into the Motherboard. Having the gcode loaded onto a card in the SD slot on the Motherboard will prevent this.

Turn off the Control Panel when Printing
Having the Control Panel open when printing causes more information to be sent back and forth to the computer. Which can slow down the info sent to the Cupcake.

Reduce EMI

  • Use shielded cat5e cable.
  • Physically separate and isolate communication wires and sensing wires from power wires and motor wires.
  • Twist related wires together in pairs (thermistor, motor, heater).
  • Add noise reduction circuitry to the motors.

Electromagnetic interference may be leaking into the communication cables. Compact fluorescent lights are rumored to cause this. The motors themselves generate a lot of noise. Try to separate communications cables from motor cables and other noise sources. Twist together pairs of feed wires going to the same device where possible. This helps both the communications cables from receiving noise and the motor cables from emitting it. (i.e., twist both.) (The ethernet cables are already constructed this way internally.)

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