Readme1 3 File

This is the readme file included with the 1.3 release!

This is the v1.3 release of the RepRap Generation 3 firmware. It contains
firmware for the following boards:

  • RepRap v1.1 Motherboard
  • RepRap v1.2 Motherboard
  • Extruder Controller v2.2


1) Install the Arduino software

If you haven't already, you should start by installing the Arduino software.
You can find the latest version for Windows, Mac, and Linux here:

Follow the instructions on the Arduino site to install the software.

2) Install Sanguino support

The RepRep motherboard uses the Sanguino, an Arduino derivative. You'll
need to add some Sanguino-specific bits to your Arduino installation
before you can program the motherboard. Follow the directions for your

For Mac OS X:
For Windows:
For Linux:

3) Install the bootloaders

If you have pre-assembled RepRap motherboards or extruder controllers, or
are updating firmware you've installed before, you can skip these steps. If
you've assembled your own board and are installing firmware for the first
time, you'll need an in-system AVR programmer, like the USBTinyISP.

3a) Install the bootloader on the RepRap Motherboard

  • Use the 6-pin connector to attach the USBTinyISP to the header on the


  • Plug the USBTinyISP into your computer.
  • Start the Arduino software.
  • Select "Sanguino" from the Tools > Board menu. (If "Sanguino" doesn't

appear as an option, check that you've installed the Sanguino software

  • From the menu, select Tools > Burn Bootloader > w/USBTinyISP. This

will start the bootloader installation. When it's complete, you can
quit the Arduino software.

3b) Install the bootloader on the Extruder Controller

This step is identical to step 3a), with one important difference: the
Extruder Controller board is Arduino-based, not Sanguino-based, so you
will need to select "Arduino Duemilanove w/ATmega168" from the
Tools > Board menu instead of "Sanguino".

4) Copy the libraries

The firmware update requires you to install a couple of libraries. Copy
all the folders in reprap-gen3-firmware-v1.x/libraries to
arduino-00XX/hardware/libraries. If you have older versions of the
libraries installed, replace them with the new version.

5) Install the RepRap Motherboard firmware

  • Connect your USB-TTY cable to the RepRap motherboard and your computer's

USB port. Make sure that the colors on the cable match up with the
ones marked on the board.

  • Start the Arduino software. Open the file:


  • Select "Sanguino" from the Tools > Board menu.
  • Select your USB cable's serial port fronm the Tools > Serial Port menu.
  • Click the Upload button. This is the trickiest step. The v1.1 and

v1.2 motherboards require a manual reset when being
reprogrammed. There's a small reset button on the motherboard; you
should see some LEDs flicker when you press it. The trick is to get
the timing right. If you can, start the arduino software from a
terminal program and keep a close eye on the output. A few seconds
after you hit the upload button on the arduino software, you will
see a message in the terminal like this:

"Binary sketch size: NNNN bytes (of a NNNN byte maximum)"

When you see that message, hit the reset button immediately.

If you can't or don't know how to start arduino from a terminal, try
hitting the reset button four seconds or so after you press the
upload button in the arduino software.

Regardless of which method you use, you may need a few tries before
you get it right. Don't panic if it doesn't work the first time!

6) Install the Extruder Controller firmware

This step is exactly the same as Step 5, with two important

  • Select "Arduino Duemilanove w/ATmega168" from the

Tools > Board menu instead of "Sanguino"

  • Instead of SanguinoMaster, open this file:


7) Try it out!

For further information, check out the online documentation:

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.